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신체 및 인지 특성에 기반한 교통 약자의 보행 특성 정의

신체 및 인지 특성에 기반한 교통 약자의 보행 특성 정의
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Objective: The aim of this study is to define the walking characteristics of the mobility impaired based on their physical, sensory, and cognitive characteristics. Background: The mobility impaired are suffered by restricted and the limited range of mobility that caused by the limited infrastructure and hazardous environment. Nowadays, the Korean society settled the requirement of the enhanced infrastructures and environment. To enhance the accessibility of the mobility impaired, it is important to understand physical characteristics, sensory, and cognitive characteristics that could influence the walking behaviors or capabilities of the mobility impaired. Method: This study followed four stages to analyze the walking characteristics of the mobility impaired. (1) Characteristics of the mobility impaired were collected through literatures survey. (2) The collected characteristics were classified and categorized into physical, sensory, and cognitive characteristics of the mobility impaired. (3) The possible walking behaviors and problematic scenarios were investigated and defined into 20 walking characteristics of the mobile impaired. (4) The proposed walking characteristics of the mobility impaired were reviewed by domain experts through in-depth interviews. The walking characteristics were also supplemented. Results: The mobility impaired has 27 basic walking characteristics that based on the 8 physical characteristics and 20 sensory and cognitive characteristics. Conclusion: The 27 walking characteristics of the mobile impaired were defined. Theses walking characteristics were deduced based on their basic physical and sensory, and cognitive characteristics and validated through expert interviews. Application: The result could be useful to investigate possible problems and the sources of the problems of the mobility impaired may could encounter on their daily life. The drawn characteristics could be used to construct the representative personas of the mobile impaired to be considered by environment/infrastructure designers.
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대한인간공학회 춘계학술대회, 2017-04-28
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