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서남해 2.5GW 실증단지의 설계하중조건에 따른 해상풍력터빈 극한하중특성 연구

서남해 2.5GW 실증단지의 설계하중조건에 따른 해상풍력터빈 극한하중특성 연구
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The purpose of this study is to analyze the ultimate load analysis of the offshore wind turbine on the Test Bed for 2.5GW offshore wind farm at yellow sea considering Design load case. Offshore wind turbine is being built on monopile support structures that transfer their loads mainly laterally. Because a large portion of these loads is occurred by change of blade pitch angle, thrust force which impact the rotor swept area will have great effect in the design. I investigate the lateral movement of monopile offshore wind turbine, considering all design load case except start-up mode case. Furthermore, this study compare the load characteristics of two different specific sites which involve yellow sea. In this work, study is conducted by GH-BLADED which is aero servo elastic software. The NREL 5MW offshore wind turbine system is applied to this study and also all design parameters(wind velocity, a current velocity, certain wave heights and periods)are from the Test Bed for 2.5GW offshore wind farm at yellow sea. The result could be the reference to design support structure which is suitable to environmental condition of Korea.
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