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두 장의 영상을 이용한 저조도 환경에서의 실용적 계산 사진 기법과 Mosaic에의 응용

두 장의 영상을 이용한 저조도 환경에서의 실용적 계산 사진 기법과 Mosaic에의 응용
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This thesis proposes a method to produce a satisfactory image from a pair of images that have different exposure time under low illumination environment. Under low illumination environment, it is difficult to take a satisfactory image in long exposure time with a hand-held camera. If the camera is set to long exposure time, the image is blurred due to camera shake. On the other hand, the image is dark and noisy if it is taken with short exposure time. Generally, deconvolution algorithms with blur kernel estimation procedure are used to blurred image in order to solve low illumination problem. But these methods take a long time with their high complexity. By combining different information extracted from blurred and noisy images, however, we show how to produce a satisfactory image fast.This algorithm can be extended to panoramic image under low illumination environment: we can get a satisfactory panoramic image by taking just one more blurred image.
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