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모노파일 기초 해상풍력시스템의 파도하중영향 평가 및 해석기술 연구

모노파일 기초 해상풍력시스템의 파도하중영향 평가 및 해석기술 연구
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With growing of wind turbine industry, offshore wind energy is getting more attention in recent years. Among all the components of offshore wind turbines, the foundation plays a key role in the stability of whole system because it is the most affected by complex environmental conditions such as the wind, wave, current, tidal etc. And the foundation cost is a larger percentage of the overall cost structure for the offshore wind turbine system. So, the load analysis and economy evaluation of foundation are the most important procedure in the offshore wind turbine. This thesis is aimed to investigate the wave effect on the foundation. The 5MW NREL reference wind turbine with the monopile foundation is chosen for the load calculation. Various wave load cases are applied on the offshore wind turbine system to evaluate stability and economy of the monopile foundation. Wind and wave loads are calculated using two coupled aero-hydro-servo-elastic softwares. Quantitative and qualitative analyse are performed. This work is to simulate systematic and optimized load cases for the foundation analysis of wind turbine system.
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