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dc.description.abstractIEC 61400-1 classified wind turbine classes according to average wind speed, turbulence intensity, and extreme wind speed in order to indicate whether the attribute of the wind in the district where wind turbine is set is appropriate to the standards. For IEC61400-1, the wind turbine class I means that is 70m/s, and the wind turbine class II means that it is 59.5m/s. However, the typhoon TIP(1979) reported 85m/s of maximum instantaneous wind speed. Likewise, there are several places where the extreme wind speed exceeds the standard of IEC due to the devastating typhoon. Thus, it is necessary to make sure that wind turbines have structural safety to the extreme wind speed which exceeds the standard of wind turbine classes when they are set up in these districts. In the study, structural analysis was implemented first on the condition of extreme wind speed of 80m/s on UNISON 2MW wind turbine hub, designed according to the IEC wind turbine classes ⅡA standard. The method was to implement load analysis using analysis code Flex5 in the standard of GL guideline 2010, and to do the FE modeling using common software Ansys. Also, structural safety was examined with top 6 cases where there were big resultant bending moment on UNISON 2MW wind turbine hub. The result was that the strength of maximum stress on wind turbine hub was different from that of resultant bending moment in terms of tendency. It was more like to have similar tendency with . With this study, it is confirmed that the wind turbine hub has structural safety to the extreme wind speed over 80m/s which IEC indicates.en_US
dc.title극한풍속 변화에 따른 풍력발전기 허브의 구조 안전성에 대한 연구en_US
dc.title.alternativeA study for the structural safety of the hub of wind turbine according to the change of extreme wind speeden_US
dc.contributor.college일반대학원 풍력특성화과정en_US 2en_US


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