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Issue DateTitle

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, vol. 116, no. 8, page. 87202, 2016-02

Arsenijevic, S; Ok, JM; Robinson, P; Ghannadzadeh, S; Katsnelson, MI; Kim, JS; Hussey, NE


Scientific Reports, vol. 6, 2016-12

Kim, Y; Park, J; Song, I; Ok, JM; Jo, Y; Watanabe, K; Taniquchi, T; Choi, HC; Lee, DS; Jung, S; Kim, JS


Scientific Reports, vol. 4, page. 3680 - 3680, 2014-01

Noh, HJ; Jeong, J; Chang, B; Jeong, D; Moon, HS; Cho, EJ; Ok, JM; Kim, JS; Kim, K; Min, BI; Lee, HK; Kim, JY; Park, BG; Kim, HD; Lee, S


APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING, vol. 117, no. 3, page. 1153 - 1160, 2014-11

Khodaei, M; Ebrahimi, SAS; Park, YJ; Ok, JM; Kim, JSSON, JUNWOO; Baik, S


PHYSICAL REVIEW B, vol. 93, no. 18, page. 180502, 2016-05

Baek, SH; Efremov, DV; Ok, JM; Kim, JS; van den Brink, J; Buchner, B


NATURE MATERIALS, vol. 14, no. 2, page. 210 - 214, 2015-02

Baek, SH; Efremov, DV; Ok, JM; Kim, JS; van den Brink, J; Buchner, B


PHYSICAL REVIEW B, vol. 92, no. 4, 2015-07

Kim, YK; Koh, YY; Kyung, WS; Han, GR; Lee, B; Kim, KH; Ok, JM; Kim, JS; Arita, M; Shimada, K; Namatame, H; Taniguchi, M; Mo, SK; Kim, C


PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, vol. 111, no. 17, page. 176405 - 176405, 2013-10

Ok, JM; Jo, YJ; Kim, K; Shishidou, T; Choi, ES; Noh, HJ; Oguchi, T; Min, BI; Kim, JS


SYNTHETIC METALS, vol. 216, page. 98 - 102, 2016-06

Kim, YH; Kim, SY; Kim, Y; Ok, JM; Kwon, C; Lee, SW; Kim, JS


JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, vol. 340, page. 16 - 22, 2013-08

Khodaei, M; Ebrahimi, SAS; Park, YJ; Ok, JM; Kim, JS; Son, J; Baik, S


PHYSICAL REVIEW B, vol. 90, no. 10, 2014-09

Balamurugan, K; Lee, SH; Kim, JS; Ok, JM; Jo, YJ; Song, YM; Kim, SA; Choi, ES; Le, MD; Park, JG


Nature Communications, vol. 7, 2016-04

Seo, JJ; Kim, BY; Kim, BS; Jeong, JK; Ok, JM; Kim, JS; Denlinger, JD; Mo, SK; Kim, C; Kim, YK