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Issue DateTitle

Nanoscale, vol. 5, no. 24, page. 12261 - 12271, 2013-01

Jang, YH; Chung, K; Quan, LN; Spackova, B; Sipova, H; Moon, S; Cho, WJ; Shin, HY; Jang, YJ; Lee, JE; Kochuveedu, ST; Yoon, MJ; Kim, J; Yoon, S; Kim, JK; Kim, D; Homola, J; Kim, DH


BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, vol. 21, no. 12, page. 2240 - 2247, 2006-01

Lee, JG; Cho, HJ; Huh, N; Ko, C; Lee, WC; Jang, YH; Lee, BS; Kang, IS; Choi, JW


CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, vol. 26, no. 24, page. 6907 - 6910, 2014-12

Jang, SY; Kim, IB; Kim, J; Khim, D; Jung, E; Kang, B; Lim, B; Kim, YA; Jang, YH; Cho, K; Kim, DY


JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, vol. 20, no. 4, page. 677 - 682, 2010-01

Kannaiyan, D; Kim, E; Won, N; Kim, KW; Jang, YH; Cha, MA; Ryu, DY; Kim, S; Kim, DH


MICROELECTRONICS JOURNAL, vol. 40, no. 3, page. 570 - 573, 2009-03

Kwon, O; Kim, DK; Yoon, JH; Kim, YC; Jang, YH; Shin, MH


SURFACE AND INTERFACE ANALYSIS, vol. 43, no. 3, page. 757 - 762, 2011-03

Jang, YH; Hwang, S; Cho, K; Lim, M; Joo, T; Choi, S; Kim, J; Joo, SW


CARDIOVASCULAR THERAPEUTICS, vol. 30, no. 5, page. 264 - 272, 2012-10

Jang, YH; Kim, JH; Ban, CAhn, K; Cheong, JH; Kim, HH; Kim, JS; Park, YH; Kim, J; Chun, KJ; Lee, GH; Kim, M; Kim, C; Xu, ZL


RSC ADVANCES, vol. 5, no. 124, page. 102772 - 102779, 2015-01

Lee, N; Lansac, Y; Hwang, H; Jang, YH


CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, vol. 17, no. 7, page. 2068 - 2076, 2011-01

Jang, YH; Yang, SY; Jang, YJ; Park, C; Kim, JK; Kim, DH