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Issue DateTitle

NANOMEDICINE, vol. 10, no. 15, page. 2315 - 2324, 2015-01

Beack, S; Choi, JS; Lee, JH; Kim, H; Kim, KH; Joo, CK; Hahn, SK


JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, vol. 8, no. 10, page. 4441 - 4454, 2009-10

Kim, BG; Lee, JH; Ahn, JM; Park, SK; Cho, JH; Hwang, D; Yoo, JS; Yates, JR; Ryoo, HM; Cho, JY


JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, vol. 114, no. 1, page. 377 - 381, 2001-01

Lee, JH; Min, CK; Joo, T


SYNTHESIS-STUTTGART, vol. 46, no. 16, page. 2155 - 2160, 2014-08

Lee, JH; Jeong, W; Rhee, YH


PHYSICAL REVIEW B, vol. 82, no. 4, page. 45113-1 - 45113-8, 2010-07

Lee, JH; Choi, HJ; Lee, D; Kim, MG; Bark, CW; Ryu, S; Oak, MA; Jang, HM


APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, vol. 95, no. 21, page. 213101 - 213101, 2009-11

Kim, YJ; Lee, JH; Yi, GC


Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 138, no. 36, page. 11664 - 11671, 2016-09

Koo, H; Park, I; Lee, Y; Kim, HJ; Jung, JH; Lee, JH; Kim, Y; KIM, JOUNG HUNPark, JW


JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, vol. 97, no. 3, 2005-01

Lee, HJ; Jeong, SY; Cho, CR; Lee, JH; Joo, SJ; Shin, KH; Lee, BC; Kim, TS; Park, JH; Kang, JS; Rhie, K


CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, vol. 22, no. 1, page. 233 - 240, 2010-01

Bang, J; Park, J; Lee, JH; Won, N; Nam, J; Lim, J; Chang, BY; Lee, HJ; Chon, B; Shin, J; Park, JB; Choi, JH; Cho, K; Park, SM; Joo, TKim, S