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해 선택 방법을 이용한 다중반응표면 최적화

해 선택 방법을 이용한 다중반응표면 최적화
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In multiresponse surface optimization (MRSO), responses are often in conflict. To obtain a satisfactory compromise, the preference information of a decision maker (DM) on the tradeoffs among the responses should be incorporated into the problem. In most existing works, including methods using desirability functions and loss functions, the DM expresses his/her subjective judgments on the responses through preference parameters. This approach would be useful in situations where the DM’s preference structure and the corresponding parameters can be easily found. However, extracting the correct preference parameter values representing the DM’s preference structure is often difficult. This research proposes the solution selection methods to MRSO. Each method takes a posterior preference articulation approach or an interactive preference articulation approach. The posterior approach initially finds a set of nondominated solutions without the DM’s preference information, and then allows the DM to select the best solution from among the nondominated solutions. The interactive approach progressively obtains the DM’s preference information and incorporates it into the process until a satisfactory solution is found for the DM.The proposed methods have an advantage in that they do not require the DM to specify the preference parameter values in advance while most existing MRSO works do. In the proposed methods, the DM only selects the most preferred solution from among candidate solutions or conducts pairwise comparisons. It is easier for the DM to select a preferred solution than to specify precise values of the preference parameters. The proposed methods find a satisfactory compromise solution without imposing excessive cognitive effort on the DM.
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