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넓은 속도 영역에서 정격 파워를 얻기 위한 유도 모터 설계 기법

넓은 속도 영역에서 정격 파워를 얻기 위한 유도 모터 설계 기법
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A design strategy is studied for a special purpose induction motor (IM) that has a very wide constant power speed range. Traditionally, IMs are designed to have the high efficiency and high power density around a rated speed. However, demand for a wide-speed range motor increases in many applications like electric vehicles and blowers. with the development of the electric vehicle industry. In order to generate a desired constant power above the rated speed, d- and q-axis current commands must migrate along with the changes of voltage limits. As a voltage limit and a torque equation are functions of stator inductance, the trajec- tory of current commands can be moved by adjusting the inductance. Thus, the upper and the lower limits of stator inductance are obtained by considering the MTPA and the MTPV boundaries. Furthermore, an optimal inductance is se- lected to minimize current magnitudes spent on producing the rated power within I a target speed range. A simple parameter selection procedure is also proposed to obtain the desired inductance and the FEA simulation was conducted corre- spondingly. A 150 kW sample motor was manufactured and evaluated through the load test with an 130 kW EV traction motor.
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