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하역 시스템의 방우•방설 설비에 대한 개념설계 프로세스 개발

하역 시스템의 방우•방설 설비에 대한 개념설계 프로세스 개발
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This thesis proposes a concept design process to design weatherproof facility for the general crane-type shipping system that can be used to the general crane-type loading facilities. The general crane-type shipping system, equipped with weatherproof facility, is expected to be more efficient than the current system, which cannot work in rainy or snowy weather. The new weatherproof facility is also expected to strengthen the competitiveness of ports by reducing demurrage costs and cargo accumulation costs, and by increasing the number of operating days of ports. To ensure integrity, the concept design process for weatherproof facility of shipping system was developed based on the international systems engineering standards i.e. ISO/IEC-15288, ANSI/EIA-632, and IEEE-1220. And system modeling language was utilized to effectively support the proposed process activities which includes the presentation of specifications, analysis, design, and testing. The effectiveness of the developed process was validated by developing the application case of the weatherproof facility for the BTC(Bridge Type Crane) type shipping system, and appraised based on the survey of researchers and system design experts from various fields. In addition to the concept design process, this thesis provides some methods, and tools which could support the proposed concept design process for the weatherproof facility. The proposed concept design process could facilitate development of weatherproof facility of various loading types of shipping systems at harbors around the world.
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