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Slug Flow Effect on Fatigue Performance of SCR

Slug Flow Effect on Fatigue Performance of SCR
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In the present study, fatigue assessment of steel catenary riser (SCR) with slug flow has been conducted with short-term slug flow vortex-induced vibration (VIV). During production of hydrocarbons in offshore facilities, slugging phenomenon occurs due to complex mechanism of mixed production fluids under changing temperature, pressure and other parameters. The slugging sometimes can cause temporary blocking of pipe and riser. The blocking normally leads to decrease in production, and this phenomenon can cause damage and shorter field life for production facilities should they be damaged by slug flow induced fatigue. Therefore, prediction method for slug flow induced fatigue damage is investigated. Two basic parameters, slugging length and slugging velocity have been defined and their effect on short-term slug flow vortex induced vibration (SFVIV) was investigated. SCR was selected for the study, as SCRs are widely used in offshore development. For the analysis, OrcaFlex and SHEAR7 simulation software have been used. It is expected that the recommended method on this thesis will be useful for the fatigue assessment of SCR due to slug flow.
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