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EPC 프로젝트 클레임 관리 시스템의 Framework 개발

EPC 프로젝트 클레임 관리 시스템의 Framework 개발
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Korean overseas construction industry has rapidly grown over last 10 years with market challenges such as over-competition and low-bid. Consequently, EPC claims management is essentially required to secure their profitability in a harsh market environment. However, due to the shortage of professionals and experts in the field, it is very difficult to manage claims efficiently. Therefor in order to strengthen such management competencies, the framework of the claims management system (CMS) for international EPC/Turnkey construction projects was proposed in this study. This study is limited to focusing on the claims between the employer and the contractor specifically under the EPC/Turnkey contract. The results of study and analysis in this report are summarized as follows. First, prior to devising a CMS, a theoretical study is conducted on contract organization, project finance, EPC contract and construction claim. Second, through the questionnaire survey and expert interviews, the shortage of experts with practical skills is identified as the most significant problem for claims management of Korean EPC contractors on their overseas projects. In order to overcome this deficiency and to strengthen the claim management competencies of the EPC enterprise, a framework for the CMS is proposed. Lastly, a claim classification system with reference to the terms and conditions of FIDIC Silver Book was developed for the categorization of risks. The proposed CMS framework for EPC projects consists of: 1) database configuration scheme, including example cases as well as legal precedents and claim classification system and 2) the function for input and output. The functions of the proposed CMS are expected to be utilized as a management tool and a guide for both claim professionals and claim practitioners. A potential benefit from implementing this system might be that the data sharing and collaboration between execution departments and supporting departments for EPC contractors will be easier, providing more efficiency. In the long-run, it is expected that the knowledge gained from utilizing the CMS, when fully and effectively implemented throughout the corporation and the future projects, will lead to much more organized and matured contractual and legal management.
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