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전기장 하에서 물방울 쌍의 변형

전기장 하에서 물방울 쌍의 변형
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First order deformation of pair-drops has been studied. The situation is focused on the case of electrical charging of drops (ECOD). Drops are assumed to be conducting bodies, and surrounding fluid, silicone oil, is regarded as a dielectric material. Electric stress, caused by external electric field, polarization of charges on the drop surface and non-zero net charge on the drop, induces the drops to deform. To measure this phenomenon, analytic solution of Laplace equation in bi-spherical coordinate is used to solve electric field, and domain perturbation approach to a shape function is used to calculate shape. Due to the complex nature of the equations machine codes are applied as calculators while the whole procedure is still based on analytic equations. However, possible numerical error is considered. Dimensional analysis is done on the system and five dimensionless groups are found. Also, Plotting of the deformed shape is done in terms of pole to pole distance of the drops, external electric field strength and differently sized neighbor drop.
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