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SCIENCE OF ADVANCED MATERIALS, vol. 5, no. 9, page. 1323 - 1327, 2013-09

An, TK; Park, SM; Nam, S; Hwang, J; Yoo, SJ; Lee, MJ; Yun, WM; Jang, J; Cha, H; Hwang, J; Park, S; Kim, J; Chung, DS; Kim, YH; Kwon, SK; Park, CE


ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, vol. 5, no. 16, page. 7838 - 7844, 2013-08

Lee, WH; Min, H; Park, N; Lee, J; Seo, E; Kang, B; Cho, K; Lee, HS


CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, vol. 19, no. 42, page. 14052 - 14060, 2013-10

An, TK; Jang, SH; Kim, SO; Jang, J; Hwang, J; Cha, H; Noh, YR; Yoon, SB; Yoon, YJ; Kim, LH; Chung, DS; Kwon, SK; Kim, YH; Lee, SG; Park, CE