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JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, vol. 117, no. 22, page. 11764 - 11769, 2013-06

Lee, HS; Cho, JH; Cho, K; Park, YD


CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, vol. 25, no. 15, page. 3251 - 3259, 2013-07

Yiho Kim; Jayeon Hong; Oh, JH; Changduk Yang


Advanced Functional Materials, vol. 23, no. 16, page. 2060 - 2071, 2013-04

Hahm, SG; Yecheol Rho; Jungwoon Jung; Se Hyun Kim; Tissa Sajoto; Kim, FS; Stephen Barlow; Park, CE; Samson A. Jenekhe; Marder, SR; Ree, M