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, 2015-04

Kim, DY; Park, JH; 김종규; Kim, JK; Schubert, EF; Sone, C; Kim, J; Oh, SJ; Hwang, S; Lee, JW


ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, vol. 4, no. 4, page. 1465 - 1470, 2011-04

Kim, JK; Shin, K; Cho, SM; Lee, TW; Park, JH


ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, vol. 6, no. 15, page. 12380 - 12387, 2014-08

Park, JH; Lee, DY; Kim, YH; Kim, JK; Lee, JH; Park, JH; Lee, TW; Cho, JH


Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 3, no. 17, page. 9179 - 9186, 2015-01

Lee, JW; Lee, SH; Ko, HS; Kwon, J; Park, JH; Kang, SM; Ahn, N; Choi, M; Kim, JK; Park, NG


NANOSCALE, vol. 6, no. 20, page. 11828 - 11834, 2014-01

Lee, SJ; Kim, YH; Kim, JK; Baik, H; Park, JH; Lee, J; Nam, J; Park, JH; Lee, TW; Yi, GR; Cho, JH


CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, vol. 403, no. 4-6, page. 293 - 297, 2005-02

Park, JH; Lee, TW; Kim, YC; Park, OO; Kim, JK


SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS, vol. 132, page. 47 - 55, 2015-01

Lee, SH; Kwon, J; Kim, DY; Song, K; Oh, SH; Cho, J; Schubert, EF; Park, JH; Kim, JK


SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, vol. 6, page. 22537, 2016-03

Lee, JW; Kim, DY; Park, JH; Schubert, EF; Kim, J; Lee, J; Kim, YI; Park, Y; Kim, JK


JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, vol. 119, page. 19580, 2016-01

Park, JH; Lee, JW; Kim, DY; Cho, J; Schubert, EF; Kim, J; Lee, J; Kim, YI; Park, Y; Kim, JK


OPTICS EXPRESS, vol. 23, no. 12, page. 15398 - 15404, 2015-06

Park, JH; Lin, GB; Kim, DY; Lee, JW; Cho, J; Kim, J; Lee, J; Kim, YI; Park, Y; Schubert, EF; Kim, JK

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