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The Curvature Control For A EV to Follow A Neutral Steering Path Regardless of Velocity

The Curvature Control For A EV to Follow A Neutral Steering Path Regardless of Velocity
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This paper presents the new curvature control of the EV with new curvatureparameter. In previous researches, the direct yaw-moment (DYC) control isproposed to increase the stability of the vehicle, but maneuverability has notbeen discussed sufficiently. The car handling condition which is called theindex parameter of maneuverability is dependent on the vehicle velocity. Toachieve the desired vehicle’s cornering path, the car handling condition mustbe considered sufficiently. To control the cornering path, the curvature inreal time must be measured. In this paper, We proposed the new curvatureparameter for the curvature control system by using a cheep IMU sensor.By using the new parameter, curvature method is proposed which gives thecar handling condition regardless of the longitudinal speed. The proposedcontroller is based on the PI controller to feedback the curvature parameter.The controlled system shows the advantages of DYC regarding to the referencetrajectory by the dual motor system. With respect to the uncontrolled model,the effectiveness of the proposed method is validated by numerical examples.
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