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Factors influencing user acceptance of intelligent personal assistants on smart devices

Factors influencing user acceptance of intelligent personal assistants on smart devices
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Smart devices have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and usefulness. Because users are getting an increasing amount of their information using smart devices, smart-device manufacturers are seeking more-convenient ways to use the devices. Apple, Inc. launched iPhone 4S which was built on an Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) called as Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface (SIRI) in 2011. Since then, several types of IPA-based smart devices have been introduced. This study focuses on the factors that influence user acceptance of IPAs on smart devices. Although substantial research has been performed on the technology readiness level of IPAs, the studies on factors that affect IPA utilization are limited. To establish a formal approach, this study introduces a research model based on the extant theories Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Task-Technology Fit (TTF) as well as emotional value in technology acceptance and utilization. Users of smart devices were surveyed online, and six respondents participated in an interview to suggest ways to increase the use of IPAs. Overall, intention to use IPAs was determined by technology characteristics, task-technology fit, perceived usefulness, and perceived enjoyment. Ways to increase use of IPAs were suggested in terms of each significant factor. The first suggestions related to task-technology fit are to strengthen IPA functions related to multitasking, and to develop smart appliances with built-in IPAs. The second suggestion related to perceived enjoyment is to strengthen enjoyable experiences. The third suggestion is to increase speech recognition rate in term of technology characteristics. Lastly, perceived usefulness should be improved by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of IPAs.
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