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무선 통신용 수신기 설계에 관한 연구

무선 통신용 수신기 설계에 관한 연구
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A dB-linear variable gain amplifier (VGA) is presented for wireless communication applications. Due to the novel exponential approximation, the proposed VGA has a simple topology and a small total chip area. Using a gain error compensation, the dB-linear VGA provides a wide and accurate dB-linear range of a gain. The total dB-linear range is greater than 50 dB with ±0.5-dB gain error. The dB-linear VGA was fabricated in 65nm CMOS process, and the total area of the VGA with an output buffer is extremely small, around 0.01 mm2.A receiver front-end (RFE) with a passive mixer-first topology is presented for mobile TV applications. The passive mixer-first receiver has benefits for a wideband impedance matching and a good out-of-band linearity. Those characteristics are critical issues for a design of multi-band multi-standard receivers like a unified mobile TV receiver. Using a novel input impedance matching technique, the proposed passive mixer-first RFE covering 100 MHz to 800 MHz has a simple topology and 0.33 mm2 of total active area in 65-nm CMOS technology. The power consumption is 23 mW and the out-of-band IIP3 and IIP2 are 7 dBm and 36 dBm.
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