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화력발전플랜트의 FEED를 위한 SE 기반의 엔지니어링 프로세스 개발

화력발전플랜트의 FEED를 위한 SE 기반의 엔지니어링 프로세스 개발
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With continuous increase of population and power consuming products and services, amount of power demand is increasing as well. In regard to source of power generation, thermal power plant is attractive in many respects. As far as development technology for thermal power plant is concerned, Korean industry is not in the leading group at all, mainly due to lack of high level engineering capability of conducting Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) composed of Conceptual Design (CD) and Basic Design (BD).In this thesis, an effective engineering process for conducting FEED for thermal power plants is developed. The approach taken in this thesis is based on Systems Engineering (SE), a powerful methodology for developing complex system, conventionally used for Defense, Aircraft system. In the sense that SE is applied to thermal power plants, this research is the first work in the open literature. In this thesis, the FEED process for thermal power plants was developed in the following ways: 1) Analysis of generic SE process, 2) Analysis of the lifecycle phases for thermal power plants, followed by 3) System hierarchy and design maturity for CD and BD, and then finally 4) Synthesizing engineering processes for CD and BD for thermal power plant.Compared with traditional engineering approach, the proposed process will produce a right solution incorporating the whole lifecycle phases and system hierarchy in a holistic way, by which the number of design changes, time and cost can be minimized. To apply the developed engineering process in practice, the details needs to be verified, validated and elaborated through implementation. Considering the authority of the implementation is decided by the top management group, willingness of the top management group for adopting a new methodology will be very important. Otherwise, the valuable work will be buried in the cabinet.
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