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dc.description.abstractThrough this thesis, EPC/Turnkey Contract which occupies comparatively larger portion than any other types of contract while contracting in Korea’s overseas construction contract recently and is the timing that the most of risks from the owner of project are transferred to contractors would be studied about the method to assist in preparation of contract terms and conditions as followed three sequences. At First, it would discuss only about the major risks transferred though the contract than treating the whole of risks represented in the construction contract. After, it introduces the two risks filtered by surveys and literature review recently researched by the construction industry what are the most frequently transferred risks to the contractors while in the contracting stages. Secondly, it would be analyzed about the 2 selected risks for effective studies applying the assisting tools developed by the Construction Industry Institute whether it would be applicable to the EPC/turnkey project contract terms and conditions and will be summarized the lists pros and cons while application. Thirdly, difficulties found on the application of assisting tools will be issued and implemented by tracing the methodology and applying the similar technique developed before. This implementation is proposed to be used for EPC/Turnkey construction contract document. The developed tools recently by foreign research center assisting the preparation of contract documents will be applicable without modification, but will be applicable in better way if modified considering their project characteristic due to its different risk factors to be affected. Therefore assisting tool also are recommended to be modified considering the different factors which is affected to the risks in different way. In this regards, implementation introduced in this study will contribute to the preparation of better contract document at EPC/Turnkey construction contract environment.en_US
dc.title해외Plant EPC/Turnkey 프로젝트계약의 주요위험과 계약자입장의 조항분석en_US
dc.title.alternativeRisk Analysis of Contractual Provisions for EPC/Turnkey Projects : Contractor’s Liability Positionen_US
dc.contributor.college일반대학원 엔지니어링특성화협동과정en_US 2en_US


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