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2-블레이드 해상용 풍력발전기의 타당성 분석

2-블레이드 해상용 풍력발전기의 타당성 분석
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Due to the energy crisis, there is a huge demand for offshore wind energy. This study is aim to study the feasibility of the 2-blade offshore wind turbine from the economic and efficient point of view, which is compared with 3-blade wind turbine. First, the cost of energy (COE) of 2-blade turbine and 3-blade turbine are analyzed and compared. In order to get the COE, the components cost,replacement cost, lease cost and operation & maintenance cost are included to calculate the Annual Energy Production (AEP). From the results, it is found that the components cost is lower but the AEP of 2-blade wind turbine is a little bit smaller than 3-blade wind turbine. If the profile of the blade is optimized, 2-blade turbine is expected to be more efficient than 3-blade turbine. However, in this study, although the AEP of 2-blade turbine is lower than 3-blade turbine, but the cost of energy is lower than 3-blade turbine. It shows the economic advantage of 2-blade turbine. And the economic analysis was considering bank loans, system marginal price(SMP) and European union emissions trading scheme(EU-ETS). It is the net present value(NPV) method. As a result, 2-blade wind turbine has also economic advantage. Besides the economic analysis, we also compare the ultimate load for both turbine by choose DLC6.1b from IEC-61400 standard. There is a little bit difference for ultimate loads. We conclude that if the optimization of the blade profile of the 2-blade offshore wind turbine is accomplished, 2-blade wind turbine will be more economic feasible than 3-blade turbine.
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