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CLECDiS 적용을 위한 기계적 보조기구 개발

CLECDiS 적용을 위한 기계적 보조기구 개발
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Nano positioning system using CLECDiS(Contact-type Linear Encoder-like Capacitive Displacement Sensor) with high resolution and long range measurable displacement sensor has been developed. Since CLECDiS consists of two parallel plate-like structures in contact, it is important to keep contact condition ideal even with the perturbation
an effect due to the surface profile and friction of its inherency. Moreover, as a result of high resolution with long range measurable positioning system, the hybrid drive mechanism that consists of coarse and fine actuator is adopted.Although the previous aid apparatus presented the working principle of the reliable contact condition, it is not enough to derive the performance of CLECDiS
the repeatability was very limited and was also decreased due to the driving direction of the positioning system. In order to improve the repeatability and the driving characteristics, the aid apparatus is needed to be developed beyond the reliable contact mechanism. So, the mechanical components and hybrid drive mechanism has been reconsidered and redesigned. The experimental results with the improved aid apparatus shows that the repeatability and the driving characteristics are greatly advanced.
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