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Study of Electrostatic wave Excitation by XOOPIC simulation

Study of Electrostatic wave Excitation by XOOPIC simulation
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Electrostatic plasma wave phenomena have been studied using plasma particle simulation code, XOOPIC. It is important to find appropriate values of input parameter in XOOPIC simulation for observing wave excitation in plasma. The selection of input parameters should be considered to obtain the optimal balance between accuracy and performance. When a negative square pulse is applied to a grid-shaped electrode, it generates an ion acoustic wave and a pseudo wave. Using the time of flight method, ion acoustic wave and pseudo wave speeds are measured. Unlike ion acoustic wave which is dependent on electron temperature, the velocity of pseudo wave depends on the amplitude of the exciting voltage. The electron temperature of argon plasma in the simulation is measured by ion acoustic wave speed. The wavelength of the ion acoustic wave is measured by applying a sine pulse with several frequencies to the grid. Furthermore, the characteristics of waves generated by a various type of electrode are also studied.
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