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불규칙파 변수가 해상풍력시스템 장기 극한하중 예측에 미치는 영향

불규칙파 변수가 해상풍력시스템 장기 극한하중 예측에 미치는 영향
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With growing offshore wind energy industry, many researches have been carried out. One of those is prediction of long term extreme loads. It allows us to predict extreme loads having return period 1 to 50 years by using statistical method. Although onshore wind turbine is affected by wind only as a key load factor offshore wind turbine is influenced by wind, wave, current and etc. Especially wave is an important and complex load factor. Wave can be described by using significant wave height and wave period. To predict reasonable long term extreme loads for offshore, effects of significant wave height and wave period should be analyzed. That is why this study is important. This study investigates the effects of irregular wave parameters such as significant wave height, wave period for the prediction of long term extreme loads by using Pierson-Moskowitz spectrum as a wave energy spectrum which is typical irregular wave spectrum for wind turbine system with jacket support structure. Also various offshore environmental parameters based on Korean local condition were used in our study. The loads acting on the system was considered by referring to the Design Load Case from IEC guide line. And improved von Karman model was used as a turbulence model.As a result, various significant wave height and peak spectral period cause noticeable difference of long term extreme loads prediction.
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