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Design and Analysis of 3MW Embedded Type PMSG for Wind Turbine

Design and Analysis of 3MW Embedded Type PMSG for Wind Turbine
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The aim of this work is to design and analyze a 3MW embedded type Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) for wind turbine. The generator features 313 mm stator inner radius and 974 mm stator length. The blade rotor angular velocity is 15.7 rpm and the gear ratio is set to be 92.93. The nominal generator rpm at rated load is about 1459. The number of rotor poles are six and the magnets are embedded in the rotor. Embedded PM excitation features higher mechanical reliability, and better efficiency. Using Finite Element Method (FEM), electromagnetic analysis are carried out using commercial FEM software ANSYS. The analysis results for cogging torque, no-load voltage, harmonic components, losses and efficiency are presented. Stator slot skewing is adopted to reduce cogging torque and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). The generator has ventilating ducts for cooling and air is used as a coolant. Thermal analysis is carried out using finite volume method based on energy transport equation. Results of the simulation for the analysis are summarized in this paper, including maximum temperature rise of the stator of the generator.
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