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접촉 유지 개선을 통한 CLECDiS의 신호 신뢰성 향상

접촉 유지 개선을 통한 CLECDiS의 신호 신뢰성 향상
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Nanotechnology is said to include varieties of technological researchs such as new fabrication technologies to modeling tools for nano-scale physical phenomena. Among them the utra-precision positioning systems may be one of the main technologies for realizing experimental toolds for nanotechnology. It is also a key technology for fabrication of devices with nano-scale size components in the current industries.In order for upgrading the positioning technology, long-range displacement sensors with ultra-precision might be inevitable because the repeatability of a positioning system usually relies on the displacement sensor adopted in it. The Contact-type Linear Encorder-Like Capacitive Displacement Sensor (CLECDiS) has been developed for this purpose: to provide a compact low-cost urtra-precision long-range displacement sensor.Evern though the resolution of 0.35nm have been proved to be achieved based on the SNR(Signal-to-Noise Ratio) of its detection cuircuitry, it is required to develop the methods to implement the CLECDiS into a positioning system in order to use it stably as the displacement sensor of a system. In this study, the contact conditions of the two facing electrodes of CLECDiS and their effects are evaluated and the methods are proposed and tested to improve their contact conditions. Basically the supporting jigs and stages are redesigned to improbe the contact conditions and the testing results show that improvement in the contact condtions may considerably stabilize the output signals from CLECDiS.In this thesis, as a part of researches on improment of the contact conditions, the repeatability of the output signals is improved about 28 times of the signals obtained from the previous samples. It suggests that the repeatability could be improved enormously because the results presented in this thesis could be obtained just by adopting the new mechanism to control the contact conditions.
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