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영구자석형 동기발전기를 이용한 풍력발전시스템의 최대출력제어

영구자석형 동기발전기를 이용한 풍력발전시스템의 최대출력제어
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With rapid development of wind power industry, wind turbine has become larger and offshore wind farm is more attractive than on-shore wind farm, nowadays. Thus efficiency in the low wind speed, mechanical reliability, lower maintenance problems and power quality is becoming more and more important in the wind turbine technology. In this paper, Maximum power tracking control of a wind turbine with 5MW permanent magnet synchronous generator which is implemented by the back-to-back power converter is presented. First, the aerodynamic analysis of blade is implemented. Then, control strategy of wind turbine in order to get the maximum aerodynamic efficiency under the rated wind speed is specified. Finally variable speed operation which makes possible maximum power tracking control is carried out by using back-to-back power converter. The back-to back power converter consists of two converters. One is the generator side converter and the other is grid side converter. The controller designs of each converter are described base on 2kHz switching frequency, so that, the generator side converter control the speed of wind turbine, and grid side converter control the dc-link voltage. Power SIM has been used to verify the controller performance.
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