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PLOS ONE, vol. 7, no. 5, page. E36365, 2012-05

Cuddapah, S; Roh, TY; Cui, KR; Jose, CC; Fuller, MT; Zhao, KJ; Chen, X


GENES & DEVELOPMENT, vol. 19, no. 5, page. 542 - 552, 2005-03

Roh, TY; Cuddapah, S; Zhao, K


PLOS ONE, vol. 6, no. 9, page. E25174, 2011-09

Kim, H; Kang, K; Ekram, MB; Roh, TY; Kim, J


JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, vol. 188, no. 4, page. 1799 - 1808, 2012-02

Tae, YM; Park, HT; Moon, HG; Kim, YS; Jeon, SG; Roh, TY; Bae, YS; Gho, YSRYU, SUNG HO; Kwon, HS; KIM, YOON KEUN


ACS NANO, vol. 7, no. 9, page. 7698 - 7710, 2013-09

Jang, SC; Kim, OY; Yoon, CM; Choi, DS; Roh, TY; Park, J; Nilsson, J; Lotvall, J; Kim, YKGho, YS


GENOME RESEARCH, vol. 19, no. 10, page. 1742 - 1751, 2009-10

Barski, A; Jothi, R; Cuddapah, S; Cui, KR; Roh, TY; Schones, DE; Zhao, K


CELL STEM CELL, vol. 4, no. 1, page. 80 - 93, 2009-01

Cui, KR; Zang, CZ; Roh, TY; Schones, DE; Childs, RW; Peng, WQ; Zhao, K


NATURE GENETICS, vol. 40, no. 7, page. 897 - 903, 2008-07

Wang, ZB; Zang, CZ; Rosenfeld, JA; Schones, DE; Barski, A; Cuddapah, S; Cui, KR; Roh, TY; Peng, WQ; Zhang, MQ; Zhao, KJ


PLOS ONE, vol. 9, no. 1, page. E85736, 2014-01

Kwon, YW; Chung, YJ; Kim, J; Lee, HJ; Park, J; Roh, TY; Cho, HJ; Yoon, CH; Koo, BK; Kim, HS


GENE, vol. 512, no. 2, page. 314 - 320, 2013-01

Thiaville, MM; Huang, JM; Kim, H; Ekram, MB; Roh, TY; Kim, J


CELL, vol. 132, no. 5, page. 887 - 898, 2008-03

Schones, DE; Cui, KR; Cuddapah, S; Roh, TY; Barski, A; Wang, ZB; Wei, G; Zhao, KJ


Plos One, vol. 9, no. 12, 2014-12

Yoon, YJ; Kim, DK; Yoon, CM; PARK, JAE SUNGKim, YKRoh, TYGho, YS


EPIGENOMICS, vol. 3, no. 1, page. 73 - 81, 2011-02

Hong, CP; Park, J; Roh, TY


PLOS ONE, vol. 8, no. 10, page. E76520, 2013-10

Kang, CS; Ban, M; Choi, EJ; Moon, HG; Jeon, JS; Kim, DK; Park, SK; Jeon, SG; Roh, TY; Myung, SJ; Gho, YS; Kim, JG; Kim, YK


CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL ALLERGY, vol. 43, no. 4, page. 443 - 454, 2013-04

You-Sun Kim; Eun-Jeong Choi; Won-Hee Lee; Seong-Jin Choi; Roh, TYPark, J; Jee, YK; Zhou Zhu; Koh, YY; Gho, YSKim, YK


BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 418, no. 3, page. 475 - 482, 2012-02

Choe, MK; Hong, CP; Park, J; Seo, SH; Roh, TY


VIROLOGY JOURNAL, vol. 8, 2011-04

Kim, HG; Kim, KC; Roh, TY; Park, J; Jung, KM; Lee, JS; Choi, SY; Kim, SS; Choi, BS


IMMUNITY, vol. 30, no. 6, page. 912 - 925, 2009-06

Araki, Y; Wang, ZB; Zang, CZ; Wood, WH; Schones, D; Cui, KR; Roh, TY; Lhotsky, B; Wersto, RP; Peng, WQ; Becker, KG; Zhao, K; Weng, NP


GENOME RESEARCH, vol. 17, no. 1, page. 74 - 81, 2007-01

Roh, TY; Wei, G; Farrell, CM; Zhao, K


MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY, vol. 31, no. 4, page. 700 - 709, 2011-02

Cuddapah, S; Schones, DE; Cui, KR; Roh, TY; Barski, A; Wei, G; Rochman, M; Bustin, M; Zhao, KJ

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