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The 24th Synchrotron Radiation Users' Workshop & KOSUA Meeting, 2012-11-22

이문호; 정정운; S. G. Hahm; 노예철; T. Sajoto; B. H. Wunsch; S. Barlow; S. A. Jenekhe; S. R. Marder


Asia-Pacific Conference on Life Science and Engineering (APCLSE), 2014-02-21

이문호; 고용기; S. R. Marder; 함석규; 노예철; 정정운; 김경태; 김미희; 정성민; 권경호; 김영용; S. A. Jenekhe; C. E. Park; 김종현; S. Barlow; F. S. Kim; T. Sajoto; 김세현; 위동우; 이진석; 송성진; 김창섭; 이종찬; N. T. P. Thu; 김용진