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Issue DateTitle

EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH, vol. 318, no. 5, page. 550 - 557, 2012-03

Cheong, SM; Choi, H; Hong, BS; Gho, YSHan, JK


NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 3, page. 1296 - 1306, 2012-12

Kim, JM; Shin, HI; Cha, SS; Lee, CS; Hong, BS; Lim, S; Jang, HJ; Kim, J; Yang, YR; Kim, YH; Yun, S; Rijal, G; Lee-Kwon, W; Seo, JK; Gho, YS; Ryu, SH; Hur, EM; Suh, PG


JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, vol. 190, no. 8, page. 4092 - 4102, 2013-04

Kim, OY; Hong, BS; Park, KS; Yoon, YJ; Choi, SJ; Lee, WH; Roh, TY; Lotvall, J; Kim, YKGho, YS


PLOS ONE, vol. 5, no. 6, page. E11334, 2010-06

Park, KS; Choi, KH; Kim, YS; Hong, BS; Kim, OY; Kim, JH; Yoon, CM; Koh, GY; Kim, YK; Gho, YS


BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL, vol. 406, page. 49 - 55, 2007-01

Han, KY; Hong, BS; Yoon, YJ; Yoon, CM; Kim, YK; Kwon, YG; Gho, YS


BLOOD, vol. 112, no. 4, page. 1129 - 1138, 2008-01

Yoon, CM; Hong, BS; Moon, HG; Lim, S; Suh, PG; Kim, YK; Chae, CB; Gho, YS