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Advanced Display Emotion with Soft Electronics

Advanced Display Emotion with Soft Electronics
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The Society for Information Display (SID), The Korean Information Display Society (KIDS) and -The Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA)
Following ICT trend of hyper-connections and convergence among technologies and industries the importance and technical demand of advanced display are rapidly increasing. For this technical desire, advanced display technology is evolving for the performances of display in terms of i) perfect picture quality, ii) expandability iii) reality iv) form factor and v) convergent user interface and user experience (UI/UX). In simple words, it is assumed that advanced display technology evolves toward display emotion and reality in our daily lives. It should be noted that various convergent functionalities of display are highly desired for add-values UI/UX of display used. We discuss soft electronics in terms of soft actuator technology using electro active materials for advanced display emotion. Manipulating of various actuation of electro active materials we discuss the device approaches of tactile functions for haptic display. By using of arrayed actuators embedded in display we could deliver various haptic feed backs close to touch feeling of the real surface screen such as guitar strings. We also discuss the shape deformable display applications using of electro active materials. We introduce control of display shape applying on programed electrical signals. We also discuss the approaches of electro active soft electronic actuator for transparent and flexible surface speaker system in display application. In further we will discuss the possible expandability of soft actuator beyond display applications. We also introduce high quality nano photonic cavity system of chiral nano structure using soft matters. Fine and reversible wavelength tuning system is discussed. Also, 3 dimensional chiral nano photonic systems are discussed with stable and stretchable chiral gels system. In further, we briefly discuss the possibility of these chiral nano structure for micro lasing emission beyond OLED or QD device and also for laser sensor system.
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the 19th International Meeting on Information Display, page. 160, 2019-08-30
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