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Onshore Oil and Gas Design Schedule Management Process Through Time-Impact Simulations Analyses

Onshore Oil and Gas Design Schedule Management Process Through Time-Impact Simulations Analyses
Yi, DaekyoungLEE, EUL BUMAhn, Junyong
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MDPI Open Access Publishing
Korean oil and gas contractors have recently incurred significant losses due to improper engineering performance on EPC (engineering procurement and construction) projects in overseas markets. Several previous studies have verified the significant impact engineering has on EPC construction cost and project lifecycle. However, no literature has studied the time impact engineering has on EPC projects, representing a gap in the existing body of knowledge. To fill this gap, a Monte Carlo simulation was performed with the Pertmaster, Primavera risk analysis software for three sample onshore oil and gas projects. From said simulation of all major EPC critical activities, the authors found that the engineering phase is up to 10 times as impactful as the procurement and construction phases on the overall schedule duration. In assessing the engineering activities, the authors found the piping design activities to have the greatest impact on the overall schedule performance. Using these findings, the authors present a design schedule management process which minimizes the delays of project completion in EPC projects. Said process includes the following six steps: (1) Milestone management, (2) drawing status management, (3) productivity management of engineering, (4) interface management, (5) management of major vendor documents, and (6) work front management. The findings of this paper add to the body of knowledge by confirming the design phase to be the most impactful on the overall project schedule success. Furthermore, the presented design schedule management will aid industry with successfully executing the design phase in a timely manner, including examples from case study projects for a greater understanding.
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Sustainability, vol. 11, no. 6, 2019-03
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