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극자외선 노광기술의 Flare Effect 와 이에 대한 보상 연구

극자외선 노광기술의 Flare Effect 와 이에 대한 보상 연구
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Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) is one of the leading candidates for the next generation lithography of 32nm half pitch technology and beyond. But there are still many problems to be solved before its introduction to mass production. One of the critical issues in EUVL is flare ffect, which is related to the unwanted scattering light. It degrades the contrast of aerial images and the control of the critical dimension (CD) across the exposure field. Therefore, it is necessary to predict accurate flare value and compensate it before destored pattern is printed on a wafer. Mathematically, flare is obtained by convolution of the flare point spread function (PSF) with a clear-field mask. Because the region of flare PSF expends several millimeters, trade-off between resolution and computer resources exists when one calculates flare value. To circumvent this problem, we defined a critical region of PSF and found the relationship between accuracy and grid size of PSF.In this paper, we studied on flare PSF and flare value for various patterns and investigated a smart way to obtain an accurate flare map especially at the edge area of pattern where the gradient of flare value is high, using a fractal model of flare PSF for Alpha demo tool (ADT). Moreover we proposed a mask level compensation strategy for flare value correction. Arial image distortion by flare can be compensated by resizing the mask CD changing e-beam dosage in proximity effect correction (PEC).
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