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dc.description.abstractIn flat rolling mills, while demands for precise process set-up and control are increasing than ever before, it is difficult to improve the prediction accuracy of the existing models to the level of satisfaction. This seems particularly true for the models for the prediction of the strip profile. The breakthrough may be achieved if new models are to be developed on the basis of powerful and rigorous finite element simulation capabilities. In this paper, we present a rigorous finite element (FE) approach for 3-D coupled analysis of the elastic-plastic deformation of the strip and the elastic deformation of rolls in the roll-stack of a mill stand. FE formulations, strategies for the treatment of the 3-D coupled nature of the problem, and the related computational schemes are described in detail, with some examples and illustrations. The prediction accuracy of the proposed approach is also examined through comparison with measurements.-
dc.title유한요소법을 활용한 평판 압연에서의 3차원 롤 판 연계 해석-
dc.title.alternative3-D Coupled Analysis of Deformation of the Strip and Rolls in Flat Rolling by FEM-
dc.contributor.college일반대학원 기계공학과- 2-


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