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청색 나노 및 적색 꽃잎형 광양자테

청색 나노 및 적색 꽃잎형 광양자테
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LED는 고효율과 장수명으로 많은 분야에서 사용되고 있다. 그러나 이러한 LED는 자발방출에 의존하며 열화에 의한 출력처하 및 레이저의 GHz 급 고속동작이 불가하다.한편 PQR 레이저는 양자테 특성에 기인한 극도로 낮은 문턱전류와 3차원 속삭이는 동굴모드 공진에 의한 특성으로 차세대 광원이다. 2 장에서는 적색 꽃잎형 광양자테 레이저 제작공정과 12꽃잎소자에서 원형소자보다 약 4배 출력향상 결과에 대해 다룬다. 이를 바탕으로 꽃잎의 개수가 늘어나면 더 큰 출력향상을 기대할 수 있다.3 장에서는 기존보다 꽃잎의개수를 늘린 청색 나노꽃잎형 광양자테 레이저 공정에 대해 다루고 앞으로의 실험 진행방향에 대해 알아보겠다.
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are now widely used in many fields because of its low power consumption, high efficiency and long life. So LEDs are replacing the light bulb and fluorescent lamp. However, high power LEDs depending on randomly spontaneous emission, suffering therefore from inherent heating problems, and limited to low frequency modulation far below conventional lasers’ GHz ranges.On the other hand, the photonic quantum ring (PQR) laser is an attractive candidate for next generation light source. The PQR laser has unique operating characteristics based upon quantum-wire-like nature, such as extremely low threshold currents and √T dependent thermally stable spectra, where total internal reflections (TIRs) produce helix standing waves in three-dimensional (3D) toroidal cavity of whispering cave modes (WCMs). The WCMs can have both concave modes (mesa type) and convex modes (hole type). In chapter 2, fabrication process of red flower-type PQR laser based GaP for high power light source will be described. It shows that the red flower PQR laser which has 12-petals shows power enhanced more than 4 times compared with the circle PQR. This result suggests that the more the number of petals, the more the flower PQR laser intensity when the injection current density is the same.In chapter 3, blue nano flower PQR laser based GaN will be introduced. As new design of flower PQR laser, it has the more the number of petals, say the more the area of peripheral PQR region. So we can expect that if full device should be fabricated, its optical output power will outdo the circle PQR and conventional LEDs. The processes to solve troublesome problems and improve etch profile, and its optical properties, future work will be described.
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