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광자 띠구조 해석을 통한 3차원 광자결정 설계 연구

광자 띠구조 해석을 통한 3차원 광자결정 설계 연구
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The three dimensional photonic crystal is promising material with the photonic band gap property. Thus the analysis and design of photonic crystal are essential for the development of mass fabrication technique.In this thesis, an analysis system for photonic band structure of photonic crystals has been developed. Then the system was applied for designing a new three-dimensional photonic crystal structure. The analysis system is based on the plane wave expansion method. From the periodic arrangement of materials, the Maxwell’s equations are transformed to the eigenvalue problem of matrices for each wave vector. The eigenvalues construct the photonic band structures of a photonic crystal. To verify the analysis system, analysis results for typical photonic crystals were compared to those in the literature. Validation was done for the case of face-centered cubic, diamond, and woodpile structures. For each case, trend of gap/midgap ratio with respect to some parameters was similar to the reference. The new design of three dimensional photonic crystals was ‘stack of structured films’ structure which is for the mass fabrication process. Film with poles, film with holes, and film with ribs were three types of structured films. For all of the film types, gap/midgap ratios tend to decrease if the film ratios are increased, or the refractive index ratios are decreased. Among the three, the film with ribs was the best to show a photonic band gap.
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