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고객관점의 평가를 고려한 제품-서비스 통합시스템(PSS) 아이디어 평가체계 개발

고객관점의 평가를 고려한 제품-서비스 통합시스템(PSS) 아이디어 평가체계 개발
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Product-Service System (PSS) is an integrated combination of products and services designed to satisfy customers’ needs. PSS is getting important in that it provides economical and environmental benefits to both company and user. PSS idea means broad outline of the PSS business model to satisfy customers. PSS idea evaluation is necessary for deriving a successful PSS idea.This thesis aims to suggest a systematic methodology to evaluate the PSS idea, called a PSS idea evaluation system. The PSS idea evaluation system consists of assessment criteria and procedures to utilize the criteria. PSS evaluation criteria consist of the sustainability criteria and the customer-oriented criteria. The sustainability criteria are derived by adopting several indices developed by existing works related to sustainability index. For the customer-oriented criteria, PSS key success factors are employed, which is 1) enhancement of convenience, 2) customization of customer value delivery system, 3) creation of new function, 4) reduced investing cost in the early stage as well as in total, and 5) improved level of the interaction between the PSS provider and customersCase studies are conducted on three types of PSS. We conclude the suggestion assessment criteria are fitted well for the three types of PSS. It is expected that the suggested PSS idea evaluation system could support the development of a successful PSS idea.
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