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블레이드수가 축류 압축기의 선회실속 수치해석에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

블레이드수가 축류 압축기의 선회실속 수치해석에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구
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In this study, a three-dimensional computation was conducted to understand effects of the number of blades on the numerical simulation of the rotating stall. Although the number of whole blade is 28, 7 and 14 blades were used for numerical domain with periodic condition to investigate the effects of number of blades. Simulations of the three-dimensional flow were conducted using the in-house flow solver, T-Flow. The T-Flow has been improved to calculate the internal flow in turbomachinery since its development in the mid-1990s. This flow solver has been validated through a series of calculations of the subsonic axial compressor, the transonic axial compressor and the subsonic axial turbine.To capture a cause of the stall disturbance, the distributions of the rotary total pressure on the cylindrical surface near the tip. The stall inception process before the rotating stall is nearly same regardless of the number of blade passages. However, after the rotating stall was originated, the flow characteristics such as number and size of stall cell had some discrepancies depending on the numbers of passages.
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