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데스크탑 환경에 주변 장치를 연계하는 장치 가상화 계층 설계 및 구현

데스크탑 환경에 주변 장치를 연계하는 장치 가상화 계층 설계 및 구현
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Desktop environment’s mobility is enabled by the development of mobile devices and virtualization technology. Thus users can use their desktop anywhere
however, desktop mobility has some drawbacks like lack of I/O devices. For instance, mobile devices have small screen and inconvenient input devices. Desktop virtualization solutions only use basic devices virtualized by VMM (Virtual Machine Monitor). So it is needed to extend I/O devices in such environments. This problem can be solved to allocate network devices to user’s desktop dynamically. But users must know network device’s address and driver s/w to use the devices. It isn’t proper solution in a dynamically changing environment. Thus, new device virtualization layer is required to support desktop mobility. The device virtualization layer must manage network devices dynamically and has extensibility for new network devices. In addition, the device virtualization should support that a desktop which want to use network device can access device virtualization layer without additional work. In this paper, we propose new device virtualization layer which satisfy above requirements. The device virtualization layer has new management protocol about allocation and management of network devices. Thanks to the protocol, the user can allocate and de-allocate a network device dynamically. In addition, device virtualization layer can be accessed through a web browser. So users don’t need any early action to use the network devices. Finally, device virtualization layer adopts a way that network devices supply their drivers. Because of the way, parts to be modified in the existing network devices could be minimized, and new network device can easily support device virtualization layer.
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