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수소스테이션 인프라 보급을 위한 초기 기술사업화 단계의 비즈니스모델 비교분석

수소스테이션 인프라 보급을 위한 초기 기술사업화 단계의 비즈니스모델 비교분석
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ABSTRACTMany advanced countries have striven for supremacy of hydrogen economy. This competition between countries is getting harder because hydrogen economy is expected to be a solution against global warming issues and energy security. To reach ideal hydrogen economy, there are lots of obstacles. Especially, the supply of hydrogen station still has lots problems which are related to delivery, production, storage, technology validation though hydrogen station is most important role in hydrogen economy. In this thesis, we try to make business models which can stimulate market development of hydrogen station. The purpose of these suggested business model are reducing a market mature time of hydrogen infrastructure especially in early stage of technology commercialization process. And my contributions in this thesis are summarized as following 3points. First one is that we summarize business model characters as a framework and we supplemented two factors of investors and customers respective. Second one is that we suggested Freeconomics, emission trading, price structure, small stockholders and vertical integrated company business model. And the last one is we evaluated those business model through business model framework and strategic points assessments. These results show that Type1, Freeconomics business model and Type 5, vertical integrated company are more effective and get high strategic values than the other model. These two business model is expected to effectively reduce the settlement time of hydrogen station market.
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