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PDP 구동 회로의 검증장치 개발

PDP 구동 회로의 검증장치 개발
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This paper presents a verification system for the drive circuit of plasma display panel (PDP). The verification system consists of a test load and a test PC. The test load is equivalent circuit for PDP panel, which was designed using 3 electrode cell model and replaced the panel for the test. Experimental results showed that the characteristic of the test load is similar to actual 50 inch WXGA panels. The test PC consists of data acquisition unit, test software and control unit. The data acquisition unit was implemented using NI-PCI 5105 (voltage digitizer) and NI-PCI 4072 (digital multimeter). The data acquisition unit measures voltage and current of the circuit under the test and digitizes the measured analog data. Then, the test software analyzes collected data and checks the operation of the circuit. The test software was programmed using LabVIEW8.6. The control unit consists of a serial port and digital signal generator, which was implemented using NI-PCI 6542. It controls the voltage level of the power supply and the circuit control signals. The LG-50X4P drive circuit was tested using the verification system, and the results showed that proposed system is suitable for verifying the drive circuit of PDP.
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