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실리콘 나노그래스 구조물 제작과 그 응용 연구

실리콘 나노그래스 구조물 제작과 그 응용 연구
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Fabrication of nanostructures, especially one-dimensional (1D) nanostructure, has been receiving increasing attention in the scientific community lately because of its wide applications. However, conventional fabrication methods have some limitations such complexity of fabrication and long processing time. Silicon Nanograss method is novel approach to fabrication 1D silicon structure without complex process such as lithography and catalyst patterningIn this research, first, the various conditions that can affect the Nanograss structure were studied. It’s showed that DRIE processing time, insulators on the wafer, doping level of the wafer, additional wafer attachment can change density, height and thickness of Nanograss. Secondly, Nanograss structure was patterned with complex shape by photo lithography. Also, I demonstrated novel one step fabricated micro pattern nano silicon structures (OMANS) by using a photo resist as a sacrificial layer.Lastly, super hydrophobic and super hydrophilic silicon surface were fabricated by controlling the density of Nanogarss and modifying surface material. Also, optimizing the density of Nanograss, super hydrophobic (θ>170°)silicon mirror with high reflectivity(Max. 98% compared to polished silicon) has been developed.
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