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ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE, vol. 78, no. 1, page. 215 - 226, 2008-06

Choy, EJ; An, S; Kang, CK


MARINE ECOLOGY-PROGRESS SERIES, vol. 334, page. 131 - 143, 2007-05

Kang, CK; Choy, EJ; Paik, SK; Park, HJ; Lee, KS; An, S


MARINE BIOLOGY, vol. 153, no. 6, page. 1181 - 1198, 2008-01

Kang, CK; Choy, EJ; Son, YS; Lee, JY; Kim, JK; Kim, YD; Lee, KS


JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MARINE BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY, vol. 382, no. 1, page. 18 - 26, 2009-12

Choy, EJ; Richard, P; Kim, KR; Kang, CK