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NOMS 2010, 2010-04-19

Strassner John Cha; S. Latré; S. van der Meer; F. de Turck; J.W.K. Hong


5th IEEE International Workshop on Management of Ubiquitous Communications and Services (MUCS), 2008-04-11

Strassner John Cha; Y. Liu; M. Jiang; J. Zhang; S. van der Meer; C. Fahy; W. Donnelly


5th IEEE International Workshop on Engineering of Autonomic and Autonomous Systems (EASe),, 2008-04-02

Strassner John Cha; D. Raymer; S. van der Meer


IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Modern Communications, page. 1 - 8, 2009-10-12

Strassner John Cha; J. Won-Ki Hong; S. van der Meer


IEEE Conference on Modeling Autonomic Communications Environments, page. 15 - 28, 2009-10-26

Strassner John Cha; S. van der Meer; J. Won-Ki Hong


Seventh International Workshop on Managing Ubiquitous Communications and Services, 2010-03-29

Strassner John Cha; T. Pfeifer; S. van der Meer


the 3rd International IEEE Workshop on Modelling Autonomic Communications Environments (MACE), 2008-09-22

Strassner John Cha; C. Fahy; S. Davy; Z. Boudjemil; S. van der Meer; J. Loyola; J. Serrat; A. Berl; H. de Meer


Proceedings of 7th IEEE workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks (Policy 2006, 2006-06-05

Strassner John Cha; S. Balasubramaniam; K. Barrett; W. Donnelly; S. van der Meer


Proc. of the 17th IFIP/IEEE Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management (DSOM 2006), 2006-10-23

Strassner John Cha; R. Carroll; G. Cox; S. van der Meer


Proceedings of the 2009 Sixth IEEE Conference and Workshops on Engineering of Autonomic and Autonomous Systems, 2009-04-14

Strassner John Cha; S. van der Meer; P. Phelan

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