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EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, vol. 40, no. 10, page. 2762 - 2768, 2010-10

Humphreys, IR; Lee, SW; Jones, M; Loewendorf, A; Gostick, E; Price, DA; Benedict, CA; Ware, CF; Croft, M


Mol Imaging Biol, vol. 16, no. 1, page. 109 - 117, 2014-02

Lartey, FM; Ahn, GO; Shen, B; Cord, KT; Smith, T; Chua, JY; Rosenblum, S; Liu, HG; James, ML; Chernikova, S; Lee, SW; Pisani, LJ; Tirouvanziam, R; Chen, JW; Palmer, TD; Chin, FT; Guzman, R; Graves, EE; Loo, BW