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TISSUE ENGINEERING PART A, vol. 17, no. 1,2, page. 181 - 191, 2011-01

Chun, SY; Lee, HJ; Choi, YA; Kim, KM; Baek, SH; Park, HS; Kim, JY; Ahn, JM; Cho, JY; Cho, DW; Shin, HI; Park, EK


JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, vol. 11, no. 7, page. 3816 - 3828, 2012-07

Choi, HJ; Yoon, YJ; Kwon, YK; Lee, YJ; Chae, S; Hwang, D; Hwang, GS; Kwon, TH


PROTEOMICS, vol. 9, no. 1, page. 51 - 60, 2009-01

Yoon, JH; Yea, K; Kim, J; Choi, YS; Park, S; Lee, H; Lee, CS; Suh, PG; Ryu, SH