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, 2007-10

Kim, SH; Kim, YH; Song, M; An, SH; Byun, HY; Heo, K; Lim, S; Oh,; 류성호


Cell Death and Differentiation, vol. 20, no. 2, page. 226 - 234, 2013-02

Kim, DY; Kim, W; Lee, KH; Kim, SH; Lee, HR; Kim, HJ; Jung YS; Choi, JH; Kim, KT


PLOS ONE, vol. 6, no. 9, page. E24574 - E24574, 2011-09

Se Jin Lim; Yang, SI; Yang, SH; Choi, DH; Choi, SY; Kim, HS; Jang, DS; Jin, KS; Chung, YK; Kim, SH; Paik, SH; Park, YC; Chung, MK; Kim, YB; Han, KH; Choi, KYSung, YC