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BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, vol. 19, no. 16, page. 4688 - 4691, 2009-08

Lee, YS; Park, SM; Kim, HM; Park, SK; Lee, K; Lee, CW; Kim, BH


MOLECULAR PLANT, vol. 2, no. 5, page. 1059 - 1066, 2009-09

Ishimaru, Y; Bashir, K; Fujimoto, M; An, G; Itai, RN; Tsutsumi, N; Nakanishi, H; Nishizawa, NK


THEORETICAL AND APPLIED GENETICS, vol. 119, no. 8, page. 1497 - 1506, 2009-11

Piao, R; Jiang, W; Ham, TH; Choi, MS; Qiao, Y; Chu, SH; Park, JH; Woo, MO; Jin, Z; An, G; Lee, J; Koh, HJ


JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, vol. 8, no. 3, page. 1327 - 1337, 2009-03

Cho, JY; Lee, M; Ahn, JM; Park, ES; Cho, JH; Lee, SJ; Kim, BG; Heo, SH; Park, HJ; Zerbini, LF; Hwang, D; Libermann, TA